Himalayan salt


Treasure cave Himalaya salted stones have dating over 250 millions years, Himalaya salted stones crystal is very pure, not contain any ingredient pollution. This is really priceless gift of the Creator. Himalayan salted stones after application and verified through millions and millions of different outcomes of the patients, doctors and scientists proved that Himalaya salted stones are not only attractive by colorful beauty but also treat lots of diseases, and have effects in beauty skin technology as well as health protection.



- As a natural air purifier reducing humidity, and deodorant.
- Supports treatment of respiratory diseases, flu, headaches, skin disorders, osteoarthritis, cardiovascular disease and other common diseases ...
-Reduce stress, tiredness, anxiety, depression, and frequent insomnia.
- Stone lights reduce the radiation.
- Enrich your life of love.
- Saltes stones lights also work as feng shui and spiritual stones.
- Used for decoration.
- Make gifts.

*Where salted stones lights take effect:
- In the bedroom, the living room, you will have serene spirit.
- Next to computer, they reduces the radiation emitted from computer - screen, tiredness and stress. Many people proved the power of salted crystals such as normal flu, bad skin, skin problems, mental confusion, poor respiratory system, headaches, migraines, and many other diseases.
- In the area of health care that can help osmosis process better.
- In spa and medical area to increase health perception.
- Around smoker and polluted room. 


- Always turn on the lights 24/24 (lights 220v, 40w) to ensure the features of lights.
- Put in dry place.
- Use a towel with warm water cleaning the stones will help them to be shine and bright.   


- Salted stones for construction: In addition to the shimmering and mystery beauty, Himalaya salted stones for construction in the bedroom are also help prevent diseases.
- Salted stones for decoration: Special combination between Himalaya salted stones and wood create beautiful and healthy values of the space in your house.
- Salted stones for cuisine: salted stones grill. Feel the salty taste and complete safe for your family. Aliments should not pass any spices and especially when there is no fire and smoke. 


- Salted stones for bath exfoliate for luxury spa.
- Life is ultimately enjfoying day in a short period time and you you only live once, enjoying people always find themselves to be the carefree, happy life with life inherently has too more tiredness today. Massage, a choice to find balance and sublimation in life.
- Minerals salted stones work quickly to recover energy for the body, eliminate tiredness and to be more excited after a stressful working day.



1. Salted stones lights: Salted stones lights derived from Himalaya, which attract moisture. Light of Himalaya salted stones is as a catalyst to help stabilize mental, dispel tiredness and stress, reduce regular insomnia.

How to use:
- Always turn on the lights 24/24 (lights 220v, 40w) to ensure the features of lights.
- Put in dry place.
- Use a towel with warm water cleaning the stones will help them to be shine and bright.

2. Salt bath: Help blood flow steady, exfoliating, skin rejuvenation, skin antiseptic and clean toxic to the body…does not irritate the skin.

How to use:
- Get an adequate amount of salt, depending on the needs of the body.
- For scrups purpose: combinate amount of salt with pure honey, can take a quick shower or bath with non-sugar milk.
- Pour salt on the body and massage gently spiral until melted, about 10-15 minutes. Then bath with clean water. Use 2-3 times/week.
- Put in dry place, avoid air.

3. Salt for brew: Melt fat in the abdomen, reduce aches and pains in the joints, very suitable for postpartum women and the middle-aged.

How to use:
- Put 02 kg brew salt in a velvet bag (>65kg must use 03kg bag). Wetting surfaces of velvet bag (keep hot and warm for bag when using).
- Put in microwwave ovens (absorption mode) after two minutes was used. We can use lights if we do not have microwave ovens.
- Must put it in dry place.
- Then put the brew bag on each location such as abdomen or back, any position the customers want to use.
- If the velvet bag is too hot, then lining a towel before put velvet with the body.
- After you’re done, put the velvet bag into the envelope and seal. Avoid air. 

4. Salted stone for foot soaking: circulate blood, reduce osteoarthritis pain, tiredness, decrease sweeting hands and feet…does not irritate the skin.

How to use:
- Soak hands and feet in warm water about 3-5 minutes, then put amount of Himalaya salted stone into warm water that are soaking hands and feet ( 10 liters of water = 250g of salt), and gently massage with the small stones until the salt is completely dissolved.
- Time dipping limbs with salt is 10 – 15 minutes.
- Put in dry place.


Salt has a good affection with all kinds of joints pain diseases such as fingers, toes, hands, feet, forms of rheumatism, sweeting hands, sweeting in the soles of the feet, and peripheral… 

1.For people who suffer backache and neck shoulder fatigue.

Usage is as follows:
- Take a handful of Sipder Lily leaves, crush and wring to take water, rub on aches region as the waist, shoulder, and neck shoulder bone.
- Himalaya salt bag after heating in the microwave (2 minute – absorption mode), put salt bag under the bag (for the back), or cross the salt bag over the shoulder for shoulder and neck area.
- When the salt bag is cold, if we want to use more, do it like the original.
- Do not need to combine with spider lily leaves, using hot salt bags still have the effect of alleviating pain. 

2. For people with arthritis or bone aches…

Usage is as follows:
- Take Himalaya massage salt for soaking foot, soak into brass of warm water, depend on preference you may add a bundle of lemongrass, ginger, or cinnamon. Soak feet in a brass of water and water is flooding over the surface of feet. When soaking, the Himalaya massage salt tablets slowly soluble in water, using people should rub your feet together, rub feet in salt tablets that are not dissolved until the water is cold.
- For people with neck dislocated leg bone, use 3 times a day regularly and massage with combine with medication, after a short time, you will be normal.

3. For people with sweaty soles of feet, hands, rheumatism, and skin armpits

- Using warm salt bags for those who frequently have sweaty soles of the feet and hands, pressure on the feet and hands. Doing so frequently you will see the results quickly.
- For people with arthritis or cracked heels, use Himalaya salt for soaking the feet, combine with Himalaya salted stones lights, result is pink heels and no longer dry chapped burning.
- For people with smelly armpits, use Himalaya salt heated compress into the armpit area. To more effectively, dillute alum with warm water, compress it into the armpit area, then compress Himalaya salt into there will have a higher efficiency in a short time.


- Use Himalayas salt bags which are heated, place on the abdomen, warm heat and negative ions of the salt penetrates the skin, soften tissue of abdominal fat. Combine with massage, effect will be seen after a short time.
- Himalayas heated salt bags place on the umbilical region, support digestion, and reduce level abdominal pain.

How to heat Himalayas salt bags:
- Himalayas salt bags are wet in outer surface (wet enough to keep the effects of hot, and keep warm for salt bags for using, use hands to the water to wet, or use a spray bottle of water to make a wet surface of the salt bags), put into the microwave (absorption mode), after two minutes can be used.
- If you do not have a microwave, we can use infrared lights which are placed in the middle of the salt bags, lighting, and after 7 minutes when the salt bags are hot enough, turn off the light and get out to use.