About Nadam Spa Ho Chi Minh City

Nadam Spa in Ho Chi Minh established on 18/01/2008 with an enthusiatic investment of stylist Phuc Nguyen. Nadam spa was built in the imperial palace with ancient brick, wood and pattern. Nadam spa is growing and become the best spa for men in Vietnam . And it was voted " one of the most beautiful spa in Asia " - according to reputable websites ( http://www.utopia-asia.com/ ) votes.
With the slogan : "Heaven relaxation, where your senses care" Nadam spa is pleased to welcome you.

Open 14H - Closed 22H

Payment cards ( ... ) and cash

Guide for foreign tourists coming to Vietnam:

Tan Son Nhat Airport - Nadam: 7 km.  See Map.

Price taxi:

Ben Thanh Market 1 Dist - Nadam: 5km.  See Map.

Price taxi:

Nadam Spa introduces reputable taxi firms


Mai Linh:

nadam-spa-hcm-12L7A2240.JPGnadam-spa-hcm-12L7A2195.JPGnadam-spa-hcm-12L7A2222.JPGgioi-thieu-nadam-spa-hcm-023.jpggioi-thieu-nadam-spa-hcm-031.jpggioi-thieu-nadam-spa-hcm-024.jpggioi-thieu-nadam-spa-hcm-030.jpggioi-thieu-nadam-spa-hcm-029.jpggioi-thieu-nadam-spa-hcm-026.jpggioi-thieu-nadam-spa-hcm-028.jpggioi-thieu-nadam-spa-hcm-025.jpggioi-thieu-nadam-spa-hcm-020.jpggioi-thieu-nadam-spa-hcm-019.jpggioi-thieu-nadam-spa-hcm-021.jpgNadam spa space in Ho Chi Minh
gioi-thieu-nadam-spa-hcm-014.JPGKhông gian Nadam spa Hồ Chí MinhCửa vào Nadam Spa Hồ Chí MinhNadam spa space in Ho Chi Minh
Không gian Nadam spa Hồ Chí MinhEntrance to Spa Ho Chi Minh Nadam
Không gian Nadam spa Hồ Chí MinhKhông gian Nadam spa Hồ Chí MinhNadam Spa Hồ Chí MinhNadamspa HCMKhông gian Nadam Spa Hồ Chí Minhgioi-thieu-nadam-spa-hcm-015.JPGKhông gian Nadam spa Hồ Chí Minh

Directions: Take first right after coming down from Binh Trieu bridge. Go straight into the narrow road along the bridge railing. Do not go pass the bridge toll station. You will reach Nadam Spa near the traffic police station.