- As a natural air purifier reducing humidity, and deodorant.
- Supports treatment of respiratory diseases, flu, headaches, skin disorders, osteoarthritis, cardiovascular disease and other common diseases ...
- Reduce stress, tiredness, anxiety, depression, and frequent insomnia.
- Stone lights reduce the radiation.
- Enrich your life of love.
- Saltes stones lights also work as feng shui and spiritual stones.
- Used for decoration.
- Make gifts.

Where salted stones lights take effect:
- In the bedroom, the living room, you will have serene spirit.
- Next to computer, they reduces the radiation emitted from computer - screen, tiredness and stress. Many people proved the power of salted crystals such as normal flu, bad skin, skin problems, mental confusion, poor respiratory system, headaches, migraines, and many other diseases.
- In the area of health care that can help osmosis process better.
- In spa and medical area to increase health perception.
- Around smoker and polluted room.


Diseases of skin, respiratory and lung are intractable kind until now. The first choice is the most effective cure with modern medicine – medicines and specific preparation is very expensive. Results are positive, but limited financial condition does not allow universal access to treatment. Besides process after treatment also arise many complications due to antibiotic residue remaining in the body.

Essentially Speleotherapy initial is a research to explore the effect of air in the treatment of human health. Derived from the European of previous Socialist block as the former Soviet Union, East Germany, Rumania, Poland, Armenia, and Ucraine, with the subsidy mechanism in that period, due to insufficient financial capability to buy enough expensive medicines for which people should be have free medical care, they have poured a lot of efforts to explore the other treatments.

From an accidental discovery that almost everyone who worked in the salt mines did not get the diseases mentioned above, the health agency has tested by the trasport of patients to live in the old salt mines, in caves were created by the exploitation of salt left. The results were overwhelming, condition was rapidly relieved, some cleard. The reason were quickly found, the atmosphere here is very special due to the effects of ion emission and dispersion of salted stones. Speleotherapy inadvertently became the savior that changed the lives of so many patients who did not have the economic ability and opened up a new direction in health treatment, becoming a health sciences.

The salt caves (which is the old salt mines) then become the hospital’s Speleotherapy science. The most famous of which is the Ukrainian Allergologic Hospital (UAH) located in the Carpathian Mountains – Ukraine. Drugs in the atmosphere only, mine salt, and slurry salt. Treatment is very easy that you must live here, bath with salt mud combine with body massage movements. Founded nearly 40 years ago, UAH had medical record that had high results of 60,000 patients.

Currently in Europe, with the movements of non-drug treatment and return to nature, Speleotherapy has widely developed. Combine treatment with relaxation, rest and enjoyment, Speleotherapy has become a very luxurious and glamorous treatment. The artificial salt caves was built in the most luxurious European Spa.

For most of us, in limited financial terms, the solution to restrict resort, enjoying at those salt caves can not be achieved. But surprisingly that with only a few salted stones lights, you have created for yourself a mini Speleotherapy space.
Why not?


Nowadays, one of us knows that the problems of the human habitat is the most important thing. All physical effects on emotions and senses affecting your mental health are environmental causes.

People increasingly close to a sad future for the environment. The atmosphere around us is polluted by greenhouse, gas emissions engine,…even in your house. According to the EPA – World Environment Organization – indoor air contains pollutants (a type of gas that is not good for health) higher several times than outside, especially in the busy city.

We almost got stuck for a long time to clean up environmental problems in your own home because we can not get rid of them as a carpet cleaning, they can not be separated from the environment so easy.

Do you have any time to breathe in the salt mines? Or standing in the clear sky after storm full of thunder? Or drowning in the space of a natural waterfall? If you’re ever been in the same space as you would have relaxed feeling or a wonderful comfort. Science pointed that only in such an environment, a large amount of natural ion was born to middle the air.

Until now, solution to neutralize harmful ions produced from industrial life make they become almost harmfless savior for improving air quality. Moreover, the ionization process also give us the surface of the skin through a considerable amount of energy, enough for people to feel it and see that their mental health are improved. Therefore, The most convinient and friendly way to clean our own home is to add healthy ions into our own habitat.


For people with osteoarthritis.
Salt has a good affection with all kinds of joints pain diseases such as fingers, toes, hands, feet, forms of rheumatism, sweeting hands, sweeting in the soles of the feet, and peripheral…

For people who suffer backache and neck shoulder fatigue.
Usage is as follows:
- Take a handful of Sipder Lily leaves, crush and wring to take water, rub on aches region as the waist, shoulder, and neck shoulder bone.
- Himalaya salt bag after heating in the microwave (2 minute – absorption mode), put salt bag under the bag (for the back), or cross the salt bag over the shoulder for shoulder and neck area.
- When the salt bag is cold, if we want to use more, do it like the original.
- Do not need to combine with spider lily leaves, using hot salt bags still have the effect of alleviating pain.

For people with arthritis or bone aches…
Usage is as follows:
- Take Himalaya massage salt for soaking foot, soak into brass of warm water, depend on preference you may add a bundle of lemongrass, ginger, or cinnamon. Soak feet in a brass of water and water is flooding over the surface of feet. When soaking, the Himalaya massage salt tablets slowly soluble in water, using people should rub your feet together, rub feet in salt tablets that are not dissolved until the water is cold.
- For people with neck dislocated leg bone, use 3 times a day regularly and massage with combine with medication, after a short time, you will be normal.

For people with sweaty soles of feet, hands, rheumatism, and skin armpits,
- Using warm salt bags for those who frequently have sweaty soles of the feet and hands, pressure on the feet and hands. Doing so frequently you will see the results quickly.
- For people with arthritis or cracked heels, use Himalaya salt for soaking the feet, combine with Himalaya salted stones lights, result is pink heels and no longer dry chapped burning.
- For people with smelly armpits, use Himalaya salt heated compress into the armpit area. To more effectively, dillute alum with warm water, compress it into the armpit area, then compress Himalaya salt into there will have a higher efficiency in a short time.
For people with abdominal obesity and level abdominal pain
- Use Himalayas salt bags which are heated, place on the abdomen, warm heat and negative ions of the salt penetrates the skin, soften tissue of abdominal fat. Combine with massage, effect will be seen after a short time.
- Himalayas heated salt bags place on the umbilical region, support digestion, and reduce level abdominal pain.
How to heat Himalayas salt bags:
- Himalayas salt bags are wet in outer surface (wet enough to keep the effects of hot, and keep warm for salt bags for using, use hands to the water to wet, or use a spray bottle of water to make a wet surface of the salt bags), put into the microwave (absorption mode), after two minutes can be used.
- If you do not have a microwave, we can use infrared lights which are placed in the middle of the salt bags, lighting, and after 7 minutes when the salt bags are hot enough, turn off the light and get out to use.


Causes of back pain, the witness and strech in the abdomen:
- During pregnancy, a women’s uterus expanding and stretching leads to the weakening of the abdominal muscles and make changes in your posture, the spine is pulled forward make the back strech, simultaneously increasing weight also makes the muscles and joints stress, under pressure leads to back pain.
- Besides, after pregnancy, the abdominal skin of the women is the most affected area: sagging skin wrinkles, stretch marks, and deep black. Also, the spacing between the body and skin after having a baby also facilitate more fat accumulation in the abdomehownmuscles are more loose and flappy, not firm at maiden. Women’s body after childbirth is not elastic, so it is dificult to cover from abdominal skin as the beginning. This has led many women to be worry and lose confidence after birth.

Salt’s affections for pregnant and postpartum women:
- Salt has long been known as an efective pharmaceutical materials to reduce the musculoskeletal pain and joint. For pregnant women before and after childbirth, salt has a very important meaning. However, because salt is deliquescent and when using it causes uncomfortable feeling, most women are less interested in using salt to reduce the diseases of back pain, osteoarthritis, as well as restore the beauty of the waist after childbirth.
- Himalayas salt is a kind of pure salt mined from the Hmalayas Mountain. Unlike conventional salts that we have used, in addition to the effects of Himalayas salt such as hygroscopic, deodorization, environmental balance in the region by radiating negative ions which are heated, they also have effects on alleviating osteoarthritis pain, low background numb feet, with pregnant Himalayas salt have a positive effect in supporting the lower back pain, leg, waist and shrink, toned abdominal muscles, restrict the flow of loose abdominal skin. Salt Himalayas have very low volatility, if a bag of salt-preserved Himalayas (2kg) can be used in 3 years.

How to use:
( 1 bag of Himalayas salt average weight 2kg), women having body weight over 65kg should use 3kg – salt bag).
- Himalayas salt bags are wet the outer surface (keep hot and warm for salt bags when using), put into the microwave (absorption mode) after 2 minutes can be used. If you do not have microwave, you can use infrared light.
- A 2kg bag of salt used in 3 years.
- How to wet the surface of the salt bag:
Use hands to wet the surface of the salt bag
Or use water spray to spray water on the surface of the salt bag.

For pregnant women:
- Developing on the weight of the developing fetus, pregnant women can sleep on their backs, then put the bag of salt was heated in the lower back and lie.
- For cases not be supine, you should put the salt bag heated after lumbar pelvis when sitting to relax or work…If used continuously from pregnancy until birth, you will see the symptoms of pain, headache, and back immediately reduced.

For postpartum women.
- For postpartum women, salt helps tone the abdominal muscles, reduce fat, and reduce wrinkle to the abdominal skin. Therefore, many women have used methods are salt, salt wrap belly after giving birth is remarkably effective.
- With women after birth, uterine contractions lead to very uncomfortable abdominal pain, you should put the bag heated up the abdomen, the pain decreased markedly, besides stagnant output will quickly excrete out.
- Especially for women giving birth by Cesarean birth, postpartum belly ring will tighten the surgical cut, the recovery of the initial waist circumference is very difficult, however postpartum women can use salt bags combining with ginger drugs will help you quickly recover the second round as you want. However, remember to put salt bags from incision at least 3cm to avoid hurting incision. Besides, Himalayas salt also use in foot massage and exfoliating.
- For pregnant women, the oppression of the fetus during pregnancy cause blood flow to two feet lower than usual, legs will be weighed by big weight causing fatigue. Using Himalayas massage salted stones regular will reduce the pain substantially. Usage is as follows: Take Himalaya massage salt for soaking foot, soak into brass of warm water, depend on preference you may add a bundle of lemongrass, ginger, or cinnamon. Soak feet in a brass of water and water is flooding over the surface of feet. Soaking and rub feet together until the water is cold, the salt penetrates into the soles of the feet to help blood circulation, making rosy heels and no cracks of eheumatism.
- The skin of pregnant women is often dull, grainy because changes in body pigmentation. Himalayas salt scrubs to exfoliate are natural remedies, effective, and have no effects on women and their fetus. Using full body rub fresh milk, mix salt scrubs with honey or coconut oil then gently massage all over the body, after that bathing with water (does use shower gel) 2 times a week, you will have radiant skin. For face area, we have a specific salt product line.



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