Sauna Himalayan

Himalayan rock salt is salt - pakistan fossil dating back over millions of years , very pure and natural minerals.
Under the influence of high temperature and infrared enabled liberated minerals in crystalline rock salt , reduce fatigue effects , osteoarthritis pain , antiseptic , detoxifying elements on the surface of the skin , enhancing anti -aging.



SALTED STONES LIGHTS: Salted stones lights are from Himalaya have the ability to draw moisture. Himalaya salted stones lights as a catalyst to help stabilize morale dispel tiredness and stress, reducing loss of sleep regularly.

SALT BATH: Help regular circulation, exfoliating, skin rejuvenation, skin disinfection and detoxification for the body ... does not irritate the skin.

SALT INCUBATION: Melt fat in the abdomen, Reduce aches in joints, very suitable for postpartum women and the middle-aged.

SALTED STONES FOR SOAKING FOOT: Blood circulation, reduce osteoarthritis pain, fatigue, decreased sweating hands and feet ... does not irritate the skin.

- Salted stones for bath exfoliate for luxury spa
- Massage by salted stones minerals helps recovery quicly body energy, remove tiredness and give excited feelings after working day that full of stress.